Bride-To-Be Hits Provides The Perfect Response To Her Personal Trainer Who Fat-Shamed Her In Advance To Her D-Day

Cassie Young was electrified when her boo of 10 years asked for her hand in marriage - but not everyone was happy for her.

The bride-to-be who was called fat by a private trainer in advance to her wedding day strikes back in an awesome way.

Cassie Young was over the moon when her lover of 10 years proposed.

The 31-year-old bride-to-be went on Facebook to publicize the thrilling news – a plethora of congratulatory messages flooded in.

However, among all the heartwarming comments and messages, one particular comment almost broke the happy bride-to-be; her personal trainer lauding her and proposing he helps her get in shape before the D day.

The trainer wrote: "Cheers to you on your engagement. Hire me to get in shape for your wedding."

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Cassie, who worked as a reporter, thoughtfully answered that she was already in shape and fit but thanked him for his offer.

Now, you probably thought he would back off - but no, rather, the personal trainer was not discouraged in his pursuit for a new client, even if it meant actually distressing a recently betrothed woman.

The vicious instructor, who asserts he has a degree in Kinesiology, which centers on the mechanism of body movement, as well as credentials in isometric science, nutrition, and food science, decided to fat shame Cassie in other to bully her into requesting for his service.

He wrote, "If you do not employ me, hire another person. Those pictures will be forever. Your children's children will see those pictures."

But spirited Cassie was not perturbed by this. She quickly pointed out that she would look her best "because I am happy I get the marry the man I love.


"I know it will be hard for you to grasp the situation, but it's taken ages for me to love my body. I am continually humiliated or reminded that I am fat and should be embarrassed."

The tolerant 31-year-old educates us why individuals can be well at any size - but the personal trainer just will not quit.

The anonymous trainer says: "You can consent to how you loo but you can't be happy with the way you look. Stop lying to yourself.

"I just desire the whole big body acceptance individuals would admit to the fact they are sad about their physique."

In spite of Cassie then trying to elucidate that individuals can be satisfied without being completely controlled by their appearances, the trainer continues to try to fat shame the soon-to-be bride.

He penned: "You can see yourself in your wedding dress and know you don't like it not based off society but based off what you see."

Cassie then courageously agrees to share the whole discussion on Facebook with some very potent advice for other ladies who are being called fat.

She said: "I am posting this because I desire every woman and man to recognize that it does not MATTER what you look like. You determine yourself worth.

"Love is waiting for everyone. Life is out there for everyone waiting with a smile on its face. It doesn't care if you're lean or plump or between the two or flexible or broad shouldered or pear shaped or like a board or in between.

"The best thing in life will happen to YOU when you focus on what matters.

"If you believe life is a construct and the skinny person wins, well, this fella is proposing to play by the rules and make you a winner.

"I believe this game is BOGUS. It is not necessary you play. I refuse the game. I DECLINE TO PLAY. It is an illusionary world that you can tear down the veil.

"Your sense of pride, courage, beauty dignity, confidence and self-worth comes from within YOU, not how you look like on the outside.

"Who cares if you weigh a few extra pounds? even ten or twenty more. No one cares.

"If you are joyful and healthy, then you have the most important things. The extra pounds do not define the person you are, increase, or diminish your worth.

"Don't allow individuals invade your mind with another thought or opinion and persuade you to think otherwise because they sure will give it a shot – probably because they do not know the value of self-belief. They hung up on a game and can't see life for what it truly is.

“Well, You have the power. Life is waiting for you. The duration of life is too short to waste it nerve-racked about a belly roll. be happy and live your life."