Saggy Breasts? Firm them up before it's too late

Breast health is important, whether you’re 14 or 40. It doesn’t only mean to make them look fuller or any particular way; it’s more about their overall health too. For example, keeping your breasts clean, moisturized and taking a diet that enhances your breast health. However, one thing that you can’t ignore is the sagginess of breasts over time; regardless of their size or appearance, almost all types of breasts start to sag when you enter your thirties. 

What can you do? Take daily care of your breast, starting from a young age to avoid sagging. But what if you already have saggy breasts? Relax, that’s why I’m writing today. Just read on.

Essential Oil Massage

Essential oils are rich in multivitamins, antioxidants, and various other micronutrients that our body needs, but we often avoid them, knowingly or unknowingly. Essential oils moisturize your breasts and help them reduce the signs of aging, such as surface spots and sagginess.
So, which oils can you use on your breasts? Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, emu oil, and primrose oil, but be cautious with primrose, test for any allergic reaction on a skin patch before using it on your breast. 

How do you use them? Take a few drops on your palm and massage gently in an anticlockwise and upward direction. Do it for 8 to 10 minutes daily. Don’t overdo it and don’t even think of being vigorous. Be gentle. 

Avoid Sour Foods

Sour foods like vinegar, pickles, excessive ketchup make your breast grow large, so why are they bad? They must be eaten more. No! They grow your breast but distort the shape in general. I don’t think you want fuller but irregular breasts, right? If you have young daughters in early teens, advise them to avoid sour foods for healthy breasts in the future, or if you are one of those who like extra vinegar on salads, sour pickles, now you know what you’ve to do. 

Include More Sea Food

Seafood is one of the best types of food for women in general. It helps maintain skin and oil balance in the body. Seafood enables you to manage any imbalances in the hormones and keeps your ovaries happy. Eat as much Tuna you want to. Pick those extra oysters at the dinner. Prawns? Hell yeah!
All of these will help you grow breast tissues making them look gorgeous and firmer than ever. Eat a regular seafood diet for 3 to 4 months and improve the manganese levels naturally. You can also take supplements like Tuna Fish Oil to help you in the process.

Fenugreek Seeds

Take a few fenugreek seeds and grind them until they become a powder. Add a few drops of ginger extract. You can also use fresh ginger to make juice for making a paste. Gulp one spoon of this paste with some milk to balance the weird taste, though. Not only this paste will firm your breast, but it will help you control hair fall. Your breast skin will shine and glow, making you fuller at the same time. It also helps in reducing cellulite from your body. Isn’t it an amazing trick to help multiple problems? 

Special Stretching Poses

Exercise 1:

Stand straight, and pull your hands upwards. 
Bend your upper body backward. Make sure you stretch your chest muscles.
Rotate your arms, making small circles.
Repeat 10-15 times in 3 sets.

Exercise 2: The Cobra Pose
Cobra pose helps in strengthening the upper body and back. Practicing it regularly will firm the breast and uplifts them naturally.
Lie on your stomach.
Put your hands behind your head. Lock the hands with each other for a firm grip and support.
Lift your head and upper body from the floor, keeping your elbows in the air on both sides of your head.

Sleeping The Right Way

Do you know what is the worst sleeping position for your breasts is — Sleeping on your stomach. I know your heart just sank in because it’s the most comfortable position, but it’s actually making your breast sag like hell. Sleeping on the stomach puts extra pressure on breast ligaments making them weak which ultimately leads to early on sagging of breasts. It also changes the shape of your breasts. Experts suggest that you should use a pillow under your stomach to give support to your breasts. It will also help you reduce the tenderness during the pre-menstrual days. Don’t squeeze your breasts now. Ease them to keep them healthy and firm. 

Don’t be Harsh on your breasts

They are delicate organs, and they should be kept with love and gentle care. Be subtle while massaging and make sure you don’t use any machines for this. Machines have harsh rhythmic movements that may do more harm than good. Prefer night time for massage with oils because it gives you enough repair time. Be consistent in your efforts without being too harsh. Ask your partner to be gentle during any sexual act to avoid tear in the tissues and any bruising. You may want to avoid underwire bras because they weaken your ligaments which leading to sagging, doing exactly the opposite of the common myth of wearing a bra to help you avoid sagging.

Doing these activities on a regular basis improves your breast health. Though I’m not claiming that you can always lift up your breasts, but it does not mean that they cannot be made firm and healthy. It’s far better to go natural first before moving on to any plastic method of revamping your breasts. Incorporate these habits into your daily life and see the change happening. These are not just a one-time thing that you will do them for one day, and Boom! Your breasts are up! No! You need to have some patience and practice them for at least 2 months before you start seeing the changes. But they’re worth trying; after all, these tricks are cheap and extremely easy to follow than going under a knife.