Pilot Reveals Daring Cockpit Selfie Soaring Over Dubai - But Individuals Can't Conclude If It Is True

An Unbelievable image appears to have been shot with a selfie stick

This pilot seems to have attained new altitudes with his most recent selfie – shot slanting out of his cockpit window while soaring over Dubai.

Instagram user ' Pilotganso ' revealed the astonishing shot cruising high above the famous Palm Islands with his 43,000 followers.

He tagged the extraordinary photo with the caption: "It feels like my second hometown #dubai Selfie."

 his shot so far has accumulated over 15,000 Likes. However,  it has not impressed everyone.

Hawk-eyed aeronautics fans have been quick to sound the alarm that the image is a clear fake.

A user named ioto1902 gave some tell-tale signs on an aviation forum, declaring: "Ship ascending northbound from nowhere. The angle of shade not corresponding those of houses. Winglet color (inward), not identical Fly Dubai scheme."

In all honesty, to 'Pilotganso', he has declared heretofore that similar images have to be computer manipulation in the past.

His Instagram feed is full of images of him and his bronzed mates taken pictures using his selfie stick, so it is difficult to disbelief that he actually owns one of those.

But his latest shot appears taken from the fight arena, high above some paradise islands, he confesses in his caption: " just to let you know guys,  this  photo is concocted ."

His confession and the remarks of experts have not deterred people from taking a shot at his fictional rash deeds at the controls of a plane full of commuters.

 A user named lebby, groaned: "Why do you act so recklessly that you risk falling off and jeopardizing the passengers’ lives! Duh, what is your malfunction?”

And another user named stylebynelli added: “glad I am not a co-pilot with this guy. Folks do crazy things nowadays to get likes."

Either way, we must at least try to appreciate his Photoshop skills `````- if not his ability to co-pilot one-handed.