Your Date has never been bad like this Woman’s date ‎

A lady attempts to throw out a big poo through the window on a first date, the story becomes more pathetic from here.

This story originates from a GoFundMe page that you need to see to actually believe. Why ? Because it is every dating person’s most embarrassing moment. Have no idea how to delve into this, so I get to the point.

A Man and a pretty lady go on date. They had an amazing date. They head back to Man’s abode. Woman unluckily suffers “post-first-date-dinner-shit” at the man’s apartment. Gentleman’s toilet clogs up. All hell breaks loose.

Let’s hit the break for a minute. What would be your solution in this situation? If your answer is, dip your hands into the toilet, bring out the big poop, wrap it in toilet paper, and fling it out the window — that makes two people. That is exactly what this man’s date did — and she lived with a pang of guilt. There is now a GoFundMe account to replace the window she smashed with her poop — but the story only ends there. The events leading to that end are quite hilarious.

“I had to poo in your toilet,” the woman told her date. “It would not flush. So, I freaked out,” she carried on. “I reached into the toilet bowl, enfolded it in tissue paper, and tossed it out of the window.”

SHE FLUNG IT OUT THE WINDOW. The man elucidates on the succeeding events in succinct details.

“I was bothered, I informed her we would go outside, bag up the upsetting shit in the garden, put it in the dustbin, and act like the whole sorry matter had never happened,” the most awesome date in history ever described on his GoFundMe page. “Regrettably, due to the blueprint of my house, the toilet window does not link to the open garden, but instead into a contracted gap of about a foot and a half, part of the outside world by another (non-opening) double glazed window. It was into this window my date had thrown her poo.”

He displays a photo to illustrate.




“As seen in this picture, the inside window unbolts at the top, into the opening that is parted from the garden by a non-opening double-glazed window pane,” man explains. He resolves that the only way to get rid of this enveloped poo is to break the window. But his date thought of something else.

“since she was an inept gymnast, she believed that she could reach the window and ditch the poo, by means of the tried and verified “inside out bag as glove” technique,” he explains. “Regrettably, she could not reach. She ascended further in and she suffered the same predicament. Finally, I decided to give her a lift through the window. She climbed in head first after her own turd, stretched further into the window, bagged it up, and threw it out, over the top and straight into the toilet from where it emanated.”

She pulled it off! They make a hell of a team. It definitely has all the pointers of a “wedding speech story” written all over it, If it does not, then what does?

“She cried out to me to assist her to climb out from the window, I held her by the waist and I pulled,” he explains. “But she was trapped. Really jammed. As much as we tired, we could not unhinge her from the window. She was jammed in too deep, upside down in the gap.”

I know. I could not believe it either. But there’s photo evidence.




Who does not fantasize about sinking head first into a minuscule window gap on an assignment to fetch out an embarrassing gigantic poop on their first date — and sadly getting stuck in this SUFFOCATING NIGHTMARE? This woman is my superwoman— am not gonna deny it. Damn! She is a FIGHTER, dammit.

But what does a man have to do when his date is unexpectedly stuck in his window gap? “Regrettably for my date, at this stage, I could envisage only one way out of our jam,” he expounds. “She had been upside down in the window for over 15 minutes. At this junction, and I was concerned for her well-being. SO, I called the fire brigade.”

Unfortunately, they had no choice than to break the window to rescue his date — hence, the GoFundMe. He has kept their identity a secret because everyone it is not possible to disentangle your date from a poo dive by buzzing up the fire department and tell.

If he succeeds to accumulate more than enough money than he requires fixing his window, he is promising it to charities. “First, toilet twinning, a charity donation and providing flushing toilets in the developing countries. 60% of people worldwide don’t have a flushing toilet. When you think about it, it is terrible,” he articulates.

“Second, a donation to the firefighters. The guys who came to the house were wonderful, took everything in good comicality, and professional.”

I do not know the opinion of you lots, but I’m cheering for their love story.