The good, the bad and the horny - who is the sexiest sign in the neighborhood?

We already know that our astrological sign tells us a great deal about what the future holds for us and how we should conduct ourselves in our day to day, which traits are stronger and which less powerful in each and every one of us.

But, it's not just that, not at all.

What if we tell you that our zodiac signs also characterize how we behave in bed?

Curious? Come on, change the bedding!

  • Capricorn

Proceed cautiously, they will not always initiate the first step, but at the time of the lustful union, they will give everything, they are devoted and focused on the goal. With this sign, patience is more than paying off.

  • Aquarius

They love experiencing in an extraordinary way, one who loves games and not just television. Do not be surprised if you notice his bedroom has intriguing toys in it that will make you feel like a you are on a real roller coaster.

  • Pisces

Sensitive in a way that takes sex to the levels of fireworks. Seduction is full of intent, foreplay that takes its time, but they are usually those who like to be on the spoiled side, while others do most of the work.

  • Aries

This sign of fire is known to come, let's say, to quite a quick ending. Since they like to bring down the curtain without a lot of playing around, they will also try to control the pace of events and positions in every moment.

  • Taurus

While the Aries is a hungry bunny, the Taurus is a romantic who takes the time. Anyone said foreplay?

  • Gemini

The people of this sign are those who love pillow talks. Because they have high intelligence, they do not relate to the act itself as the action of bang and done, but want to attract desire in a way that appeals to the intellect, while speaking seductively and even ... dirty.

  • Cancer

They have sensitivity at a powerful and felt level, and therefore prefer to touch a lot with tenderness, and movements that show love, worship of the body, just like a song of praise for love making.

  • Leo

The passionate and adventurous nature of the Leo cannot be restrained. Like a kitten, the Leo also moves with gnarled sways of the body and shows self-confidence when they take matters into their own hands (paws). Get ready for an experiential and imaginative sexual journey as you enter the sheets with the king of animals.

  • Virgo

In contrast to their outwardly extroverted character, Virgos are actually very wild in the bedroom. Let's say that among bed linen their shyness fades are away.

  • Libra

Seeking perfect harmony with their spouses, and investing in the overall atmosphere of a sensual sexual experience. Romantic music, lace underwear, erotic massage - all elements of an evening that will not be forgotten soon.

  • Scorpio

The hungriest of them all, the sassiest of them all, and the one who does not mind the means taken. Often uses his sting in a way that leaves no room for imagination. A real lust fest is here.

  • Sagittarius

The master of seduction, don Juan, a real hunter who likes to catch their prey submissive and completely satisfied. Do not be afraid to get an arrow straight to the stomach, this will leave you longing for more.