Woman Awakens From Coma After Several Organ Failures, Says She has a Message From Jesus

From long queues, inopportune scheduled times, and costly co-pays, it is not difficult to see reason why a person who is ill might sidestep looking for medical treatment as long as he/she can.

However, for Yvonne Sklar, that stalling was nearly fatal.




After two weeks of agony, with what considered the flu, Sklar collapsed. After a detailed interaction and examination by a medical doctor, it was discovered that her intense and painful coughs were because she had developed pneumonia.

However, from further assessment by the doctors, pneumonia was the least of her troubles. Blood tests established that infection had circulated to her blood and she was soon going to suffer a septic shock. Doctors had to place in her comatose state.

While in a medical coma, Sklar’s family and friends never left her side. They supported and prayed for her. When she woke up,t Sklar’s life had changed forever.



According to Sklar, she was in heaven and was given an important message from Jesus.

Sklar outlived the fatal ordeal and tells her tale in the video below.