10 Amazing Facts About Left Handed People



1. 10%-12% of the world's population are left handers.

2. August 13th is the "International Left Handers" day, originally established on the early 90's to raise awareness to the unique challenges of left handed people in a world designed for right handers.




3. In different times in history left handers were a symbol for negative things like the devil, delinquency and homosexuality.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci, famous left hander, used to write his comments from right to left - and forced the readers to use a mirror.

5. Kermit the frog, created in 1957, was left handed like his creator, Jim Hanson.

6. In ancient Japan a man could ask for a divorce if he found out that his wife was left handed.

7. When left handed people draw characters, they tend to draw them facing right.  




8. Left handers have a higher risk (3%) to become alcoholics.

9. Left handers process feelings differently and get annoyed faster than right handers.

10. Left handers are at a bigger risk to suffer from Insomnia.