Breastfeeding mother unleashes the picture-perfect put-down to an envious woman who told her to cover up because her spouse wouldn't stop gawking - by placing a cloth on her FACE instead of her chest

Nicolle Blackman, 29, was reprimanded at the diner for breastfeeding in open

The novel mother was breast-feeding her three-month-old baby, Cameron in McDonald's

Envious woman alleged her partner was finding it difficult to stop ogling at Blackman

Blackman, who hails from Seattle, placed a cloth over her face instead of her breast to retort

She said: 'Why should I cover up my son? He grasps for air when he covered.




The Mother-of-two noticed a man gawking her chest as she attempted to feed her son in a McDonald's restaurant just south of the city.

Suddenly,  man's spouse come close to her and told her to mask what she was doing - Blackman gave a cheeky put-down - by placing a muslin cloth on her face instead of her breasts.  

Well, you said 'cover up'! Blackman gave another interpretation to the woman's request, by covering her face not her breasts.

Blackman came to the fast food restaurant in Federal Way, just south of Seattle, Washington, on September 2nd and sat in the corner of the restaurant to silently feed her three-month-old son, Cameron.

The cashier states  she never showed her nipple, rather, she was challenged by an annoyed woman who requested her to conceal her breasts because her husband could not stop Looking at the breastfeeding episode.

However, Nicolle was pissed at the request that she gave it her own evaluation of the request - put the cloth on her face, her defiance made the angry woman and her husband up and leave.




Nicolle now hopes her actions will imbue other women with courage and strength to feed their babies in public.

Nicolle said: 'I was enraged  when she said that. Why should I cover up my son? He doesn't breath properly when covered.

'I was stunned. She was angry because her husband could not stop stirring. He didn't seem to care about his wife's actions.

Defiant: Blackman said her young son struggles to breathe properly when a muslin cloth is placed over his head - and said she would never breastfeed in a bathroom         +6

Defiant: Blackman states her baby boy struggles to breathe properly when a muslin cloth is placed over his head - and states she would never breastfeed in a bathroom.

While Cameron carried on with the feeding, the offended couple took their meal and departed the eatery. Right, Cameron, the cutie suddenly smiled.

'I observed he was gazing. I know individuals are curious and I don’t care. I will feed my son irrespective of their feelings.. His wife was alarmed but I wasn't worried.

'You could only catch a glimpse of the side of my boob so I was like cool and concealed my face. She clutched her husband and left. My 11-year-old daughter, Kaymaii, said she appeared infuriated.

'I concealed my boobs so my nipple was never visible. It was the first time I witness someone behave in such a manner. I just wanted to let the world know.

People tell me to feed in the bathroom but that is nauseating. Would you enjoy eating in the bathroom? Why would I breastfeed my son in the bathroom?

Blackman clarifies that Kaymaii couldn't comprehend why her mother had to conceal her boobs and even took the photos of her with her face covered.

'She needed to inform her grandma that I wasn't being cruel to her brother and she did. My mother said  she was delighted that I stuck with what  I believed in.'

Nicolle declares that they sat in the corner of the cafeteria to be as far away from the other consumers as possible but then,  the couple chose to take a seat right next to them even though it was almost empty.

 Cameron had recently gone through surgery to get his lip-tie and tongue-tie [bits of skin connecting the lips to the mouth] cut. The mum says due to this,  he will not take a bottle and had to be breastfed.

Nicolle said: 'There is no offense in covering up if that's what you desire. No one was aware my son had surgery and wouldn't take a bottle. People tend to judge before they hear the full story.'

'I hope to assist other women by voicing out about it to inspire them to stand up for their kids.

'Just do whatsoever is best for your kids. If they are comfortable with covering, that is fine, if they are not that's fine too.

She adds: 'I was told loads of times that I should feed him in the restroom and I said, 'that's filthy, would you have a snack in the bathroom? Why would I feed my kid in the bathroom?'

'One time while I was breast-feeding in a park a lady walked up to me and told me she would never have breastfed in public if she did not see me doing the same.

'It was reassuring and it felt elevating that I could offer someone the strength to do it.'