Mother-of-two, 23, who drank 10 coffees and bingeing on takeaway every day, discloses how she shed an astounding 51 kilos WITHOUT stepping into the gym

Cicily Goodwin, 23, has shed 51 kilograms in just a year. 

The mother-of-two, from Nambucca Heads, New South Wales, had been obese for so long. She gave up on healthy eating or exercising a long time ago.

Since she stumbled on a weight loss group online, Cicily resolved to change her routine and now, just a year on, she has lost about 51 kilograms and is the lightest she has felt since 13.

The mother-of-two (seen left before and right, well into her program), from Nambucca Heads, New South Wales, had been overweight for as long as she could remember and had simply 'stopped caring' about eating well or exercising

Talking to Daily Mail Australia, Cicily revealed she first saw The Healthy Mummy group during her pregnancy. During that space of her pregnancy, she saw how women changed their bodies and way of life to what they desired.

'An acquaintance included me in the online group and I could not fathom the idea of me losing weight because I have been overweight for too long. I thought it was impossible for me to achieve.   Cicily also has hyperthyroidism, said’

'It became worse when I left home because I was nurtured in a household where healthy living was the motto. Once I departed, I became engrossed with junk food since I did not need to hide it anymore.




Cicily declared she would try out the Healthy Mummy after putting to bed. she sensed that her outlook did not reflect her true self and desire .

What is on Cicily's plate? 

Breakfast: Smoothie with fruits like mango and pineapple followed by a five-kilometer walk

Snack: Healthy sesame chia chocolate

Lunch: Smoothie or something like stuffed mushrooms

Snack: Healthy choc chip muffin 

Dinner was a culmination of healthy chicken parmigiana or protein and salad

'It got to a stage that I became a fast food addict and every minute I was consuming takeaway for multiple meals. KFC and McDonald’s takeaways became my companions – and massive amounts of soft drink.




‘I also drank about 10 cups of coffee per day and ate loads of food simultaneously; I didn’t care if was junk as long as my plate was loaded. I would eat till I was completely, unpleasantly full.'

Cicily said she chose to give Healthy Mummy a shot after giving birth because she felt her appearance was not a true reflection of her.

'I started by purchasing some smoothie mix and started consuming those two times a day with fruit,' Cicily said.

'I took it step by step, I still indulge chocolate every now and then, but I stopped all soft drinks and began to stick with their meal plans,' Cicily said

She also took on walking and, immediately, she was fully recuperated from the pregnancy, she started the 28 day trials comprising of strength and bodybuilding, workouts in her living room.

Cicily was cooking healthy, pleasant meals that comprised healthy versions of chicken parmigiana, pizza and fry.




'I gained so much learning about food and how amazing it can be. I never went overboard I just chose healthy and easy recipes and when I exercised I would pop the kids in a pram and go for a walk,' she said