Inconsolable mum divulges awful bullying which made her little girl to contrive the thought of suicide

She appealed to parents to keep an on their kids’ mails and make certain they treat others with respect

A brokenhearted and worried mother has beseeched with other parents to watch their youngsters' messages after claims of bullying propelled her 12-year-old daughter to plot her own suicide.

Leigh Davey, from Perth, confesses the family is usually secretive but courageously shared a photo to Facebook of her daughter Eva in the hospital bed, her head softly being caressed by her dad Carl.

The couple expended over five hours in A&E with Eva - as she talked to shrinks, doctors and nurses - all because she had contrived the thought of suicide.

Leigh asserts that this was the outcome of seven months of bullying and harassment in Eva's school.

"In this era of social media, kids think its fine to send insufferable messages (to me also along with their parents who won't take responsibility) without penalties," she wrote.

"I received calls from these kids calling me an old bag because I protected our daughter, talked to parents and begged them to talk with their children to stop such vile actions.

"I have even contacted the children themselves, but I was threatened by parents with harassment."

She shared some truly dreadful events her daughter asserts to have suffered at school - adding one particular abominable Snapchat incident.

"There is a video of her sitting at her desk at school; legs a tad open, with a wicked caption, ‘about the smell.’”

"It was forwarded to snapchat (sic). I expended 90 mins with the cops as they attempted to decide if it was photographing and circulation of pornographic material.

The school authority has sent Eva home on numerous occasions for self-harming.

"She's not permitted close to a pencil sharpener as she attempts to take the blade out and cuts herself," her mum clarified.

Leigh states that her local department on education told her: "You should instill in your kid how to be tough against bullies."

Her post has been shared over 33,000 times after folks were extremely enthused by the story.

It has also received over 24,000 comments and 67,000 Facebook Reactions, along with proposals to send Eva cards and messages of reassurance.

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Leigh wrote an update confessing she was scared her daughter would freak out over the worldwide attention her post had garner.

But her reply has been affirmative - and she is waxing stronger".

Leigh is appealing to all parents to keep a watchful eye on their children's posts and make sure they are not a victim bullying - and they are treat others with respect.

"Please be sure they are being courteous and humble in their messages. Instill in your kids the power to express their feelings and not use text or social media to air their thoughts.