Mom Learns about a Stranger Pilfering Facebook Pictures Of Her Twins And claiming The Girls Are Hers

In 2012, April gave birth to identical twins, Sophia and Vivienne. Like most novel moms, she was so eager to share shots of her precious infants.

After returning home, she joined a Facebook group precisely for mothers of multiples and utilized an alias name to guard her identity. She started uploading images of Sophia and Vivienne and was greeted with loads of support.

The whole thing was smooth sailing — until the lasses turned a year old. It was about this time that a lady wrote April on Facebook and linked her to another woman’s child-rearing blog.

April was confounded to learn that unknown individual, who blogged under the guise and name “Ashley,” had taken photos of Sophia and Vivienne and was pretending to be their mother. Ashley named them different names- Adaya and Kamberlin, and had made-up stories to back each photo. She went as far as making up medical problems the girls don’t actually suffer from.

Irritated, April and her hubby, Nathan discovered where Ashley resided and requested she took down the pictures instantly. They phoned the police department, but pressures of legal action did not seem to dissuade this “digital kidnapper.”

Time elapsed,  April and Nathan thought the worst was over, they were wrong.

 A couple of years later, April discovered Ashley was not just reporting her photos online. Investigators decided to look into her house. From there on,  things became strange and troubling.