A devilish looking creature is terrorizing Australia

A creepy insect with hairy tentacles, found across Asia and Australia, was filmed by social network users. The spectators were horrified to find the insect in their homes, worried that it was sent by the devil to destroy humanity. 

The insect, later identified by scientists to be a kind of a moth, appears to have the body of a moth with four tufted tendrils sprouting out of its abdomen. The moth's unusual tentacles are in fact scent organs, used to produce pheromones in a bid to attract mates.

The reactions to the moth were anywhere between discussed and scared. "What devilish creature sent to destroy us is this? I'm leaving Earth by the way... anyone coming?" commented one, while others joked: "Give him the keys and tell him the house is yours". One actually said he will burn his house down if he saw this bug in it. 


The moths are found across Australia's north, including Western Australia, the Northern Territory and parts of Queensland stretching as far south as Mackay. It is also found in Indonesia and other parts of Asia. 

Watch the video and be honest - WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF IT CAME TO YOUR HOUSE?!