Baby Girl Was Born Deafened — Now, observe When She listens to Mom Say ‘I Love You.’

Her paternities are still bewildered as to the cause — neither Christy Keane nor her husband has a family background of deafness and as the Mother penned on Instagram, nothing can really groom you for such event. But the couple is all right with it. Their baby girl is theirs.

The only blue part about the situation was as Christy puts it, “she never heard my voice telling her how much I prayed for her while in my tummy, she did not hear me welcome her into the world, she has never heard me hum her to sleep. The most painful of all is has never heard me say ‘I love you.'”

But it all transformed recently.

Since she is just a couple of months old, Charly is still too young for cochlear implants, so physicians fixed her with hearing aids as an alternative.

When Mom began speaking to little Charly, her face ignited.

Then Christy uttered those three beautiful words — I love you.

Tears filled the little girl’s eyes, and it was obvious she realized just how loved she really was.



Christy wrote on Facebook: “We had our beautiful instance that I have been longing for when Char got her hearing aids today. We didn’t expect she would pick up something so this was further incredible than I can’t put into words!” She expounded on Instagram, “Visualize our astonishment and joy when she presented us such profound feeling.”

Since a week ago, Christy’s film has gone viral, getting more than 10 million views and over 200,000 shares. That’s a load of love — with a bit of luck, it reaches other paternities facing similar issues.


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