The Cutest, Biggest Animals In The World


The Ragdoll cat


This fluffy cute little cat can grow to be up to 20 pounds, yet it has a good nature and is fun to play with.




This is Sandy the rabbit

Sandy is a Flemish rabbit originating from Belgium. It is eating the same food as any other rabbit, although it seem to make better use of that food... it can grow to be up to 22 pounds.



This is Moose, the soldier

Moose is 19 feet tall, strong and very handsome. It comes from a breed that was originally intended for wars.



The original Batman


You have to admit that this really looks like batman, at least in size...This is The Bismarck Flying Fox of New Guinea and it is the world's largest bat.




Meet big cow Chili

This cute cow weighs a ton and is 6 feet tall - like a small elephant. It owner claims it is a calm happy animal, enjoys grass and friendly.



Repert is not a leopard

It only looks like it... Rupert is a giant Maine Coon cat. These cats can weigh up to 25 pounds, yet they are gentle and very intelligent.



This is one fat pig!


This is the probably the biggest pig that ever lived - pending authentication of the Guinness Book of Records. He was born in China, and it seems that he enjoyed A LOT of good food until he died at the age of 5.




Our winner - the cutest ever: Gentle Goerge

George passed away peacefully in 2013, but he will never be forgotten, thanks to the detailed documentation of his life by his owner in Youtube and even in a book he published. George was a 43-inch tall Great Dane, and he died in 2013.



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