We Often Think That Little Bugs Are Innocent, But This One is Killing Our Pets

These days, we hear loads of talk about ticks, it seems more individuals are catching Lyme disease. However, a new kind of bug just surfaced, it is small and lethal.

It is called the “kissing bug” or the “killer bug,” the small creature is located in Texas and is more than just your regular annoying bug. It has been spreading a rare parasitic infection called Chagas. It has killed over 400 dogs. Once the bug bites the pet, the infection called American Trypanosomiasis spreads.

So, how does such a tiny bug come to have such lethal effect?

The bug contains a parasite called Trypanosoma Cruzi and is transmitted via the poop of the bugs. When a dog is napping, the bug draws the blood surrounding the eyes and mouth. Unknown to the pet and the pet owner, the bug is transferring the lethal parasite. The actual instance of transmitting the parasite happens when the fecal content gets into the wound left behind from biting the pet. Another means of transfer is when the fecal material is rubbed into the mucous membrane of the pet. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to spreading the disease because they are well known for ingesting bugs, and the parasite can also be transferred when they consume the kissing bug.

Source: New Bug Is Popping Up All Over And It’s Killing Pets Left And Right. What You Need To Know by internetroi on Rumble


The aftermath of the Assassin/Kissing Bug biting a pet brings the onset of the symptoms. There are certain symptoms that surface. They include inflammation of the eyelids and anaphylactic shock- which leads to oxygen deprivation causing death. One of the challenges posed by the symptoms is that it could mask itself as a simple flu or flu-like feeling initially. It then becomes on to be more excruciating and aggressive.

The best course of action is if your youngster or dog has symptoms akin to those caused by the Assassin bug, then it’s imperative to take them to the hospital right away.

One of the best means to protect your children and dogs from being infected by the poisonous bug is to be aware of the habitat that it inhabits. They naturally live in cracks in the middle of walls, under doorways, under cement, under rocks, and in forests. Chicken coups and outdoor dog houses are well known for containing the kissing bug.

While Texas seems to be the only state with a staggering number of this bug, there are also been cases in most Midwestern states and in every southern state in America.

If a child is known for playing in a woody area, they are at a huge risk of being bitten by the bug.

We often believe that tiny bugs are harmless. So,  we just slap them away, but some small bugs are deadly. The frightening part is that you can never predict when you are being bitten because they are so tiny and are virtually unseen. Dogs, particularly are at danger because the bugs can effortlessly attach itself to their fur and they have no means telling their owners that they aren’t feeling okay, which in turn leads to the eventual death of the pet if not treated.


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