After Witnessing What Suspect's Behavior In Courtroom, Judge Yells “I Pray You Die In Prison”

We all know that trials and crimes are difficult for the victims, their families and the defendants on trial. But we don't realize how it is for people in the courtroom With the goal of making sure the law is followed to the letter. While the lawyers on each side of the cawe make research and present the best arguments they can to convince  the jury, the judge must act like a pillar of faith and truth for the system. But, it is difficult to maintain such stance.

They must evaluate  previous rulings and sentences as the case is laid bare. They must find an equilibrium for a thousand things in their heads every day as they sit and listen in front of the courtroom. The judge is always in a pressure cooker. And in those moments the judge is overwhelmed and strained, when It seems like the American system of justice is failing, they can loose their cool. Sometimes they lash out like the judge Sitting in on this particular case.

This particular murder trial was brutal. The defendant, a 32-year-old woman from Jackson, Michigan named Camia Gamet, was on trial for brutally Murdering  her boyfriend. She was judged guilty and was sentenced to life without the probability of parole. But during the hearing, she endured some very harsh words from a surprisingly source – the judge.

Judge John McBain couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that the defendant showed  NO REMORSE for slaying her boyfriend. he  stated that this was the most saddistic and cold-blooded murder cases he had ever sat over during his illustrious career. And during this sentencing, he cracked  a little. But he feels no remorse, instead, he believes the cold-blooded killer must listen to what he has to say.

However, Judge McBain’s critics feels he went to far. They wonder if he has the mental capability to serve or if he is even fit to serve.

But when you read the details of the crime, you would go with Judge McBain that Gamet must hear his words.

Gamet lived with her with her 38-year-old boyfriend, Marcel Hill in Jackson in 2013. though, Hill’s friends and family knew the relationship was radioactive, no one Imagined her to be a killer.

Gamet bounced around  from foster home to foster home as a child and was abused by one of her foster dads. She became a drug and also turned to violent crime. She became infamous- a dangerous person.

On the other hand, Hill was a gentle soul. Though, he had  “cognitive weakness,” he coped very well with most daily activities by still himself.

Gamet took advantage of the opportunity to dominate Hill. He was the perfect victim. She constantly  unleashed her temper on Hill, brutalizing him savagely for months. But the final attack was fathal.

It was Saturday, May 18, 2013. A neighbor reported a potential domestic violence situation. When police arrived at the scene, Gamet was stood outside the apartment drenched in her lover’s blood.


Source: After Seeing What Suspect Does In Courtroom, Judge Yells “I Hope You Die In Prison” by internetroi on Rumble


Inside the apartment, furniture was broken. A frying pan was soaked in blood and so was a filet knife. Then they saw Hill lying on the floor. His head was pressed in after being slammed several times with the frying pan and his torso was slit open like he was a patient on the operating table.

That’s why Judge McBain went ballistic on her,  realising a stream of anger during sentencing:

during the sentencing, Gamet smiled and rolled her eyes at the family.

“You cut him open like a fish in that apartment. You were uncontrollable. You stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed until he died”

She only smirked. Then she wanted to speak. But Judge McBain would not allow.

“You’re gonna hush  your mouth or I will have someone to put some duct tape on it. I concur with the family, I hope you wind up dead in prison. If this was a death penalty state, I would be elated seeing you getting the chair.”



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