Do you know which zodiac signs are best lovers? Check to see if you're one of them.

We all want to be complemented for our performance, and it is perfectly OK to seek feedback from our partners. We all want to learn and improve... Yet, it seems that some people have a natural talent for love making, per their zodiac sign. Are you one of them? Are you in bed with the right partner? 

Astrology has a strong effect on human behavior, feelings, desires and also sexual capabilities and performance. However, it is important to state that even if your zodiac sign is not in this list of best performing it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy excellent sex. It may hint, though, to what you may want to ask your next date... 

Here they are - the zodiac signs that are most recommended as sexual partners:





Aquarius lovers are considered to be among the best because they like to spice up the sex. They take their partners on a surprising journey during the act of love, most unexpected and enjoyable. Aquarius is sensitive people, yet they will not mix many emotions with the sex. They would prefer to enjoy an exciting, innovative pure sexual experience. You can count on Aquarius to give you anything you need in bed to have an amazing time together. 



Scorpio are the masters of sex! They are born as very sexual people, and they are the best in pleasing their partners. They will dedicate a lot of passion and attention to the satisfaction and pleasure of their partner, especially if their partner will do the same for them. 

Scorpio will go out of their way to keep the fire on in bed; they will not bore you even if it is a long term relationship. However, it is important to understand that their intentions are usually mainly sexual and they may be less interested in a long term relationship, due to their wish to diversify and experience new and exciting things. 




Aries are most attractive and mysterious. Sex with Aries will be an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, your desires and preferences in bed. Aries will bring any partner to the climax. An experience of sex with them will forever remain a sweat memory in your heart, although the Aries may feel free enough to move on and not remain involved emotionally. 

So... on your next date you may want to causally ask "what is your zodiac sign?" just before you decide how to continue the evening.