Tell us who is the stupidest person in this picture, and we'll tell you what we know about you

This picture is going viral on Facebook, provoking a discussion around which of the men in the picture is the most stupid - is it the one cutting the branch he is sitting on? or the one cutting off the man next to him? Tell us what you think and we'll tell you what your choice tells about you!



So, what is your choice?


If you chose #1 you are probably a person who tends to give up easily. You don't trust your ability to influence other people so you go with the flow. You are a quite, positive person; rarely pick up a fight, a good person to count on. 


If you chose #2 you are a fast decision maker operate on your instincts and don't think much before you make a move. You are often wrong and most of the time stubborn. 


If you chose #3 you are an impulsive person. You see the goal and will do anything to reach it. Your strategic thinking can be an advantage in the business world. 


If you chose #4 you must be a person with a strong inner truth for which you are willing to fight hard - even against yourself. You are prepared for changes in your life and willing to make a sacrifice if required.