You should be aware to what your favorite position tells about you

Isn't it great that we can enjoy such a wide variety of positions during sex? Some make the act more fun, some challenge us, arouse us and even burn some calories... and still, in spite of the wide variety, some women prefer to stick to one main position that helps them reach their climax or at least pass the time pleasantly. 

Surprisingly, there is a close correlation between your favorite position and your character, and there is a lot that one can learn about you from your preferences.  You should be aware of what you disclose about yourself.


Doggy style
Women who prefer Doggy style position usually like to have full control over their lives, yet in bed they like to let go and allow their man to take control. This position is suited for women who are willing to give in, trust and even rest a little while their partner does most of the work. 

Missionary position
the missionary position is considered a little old fashioned, excellent for those who want to examine the paint job of the ceiling while at it :-)
Women, who like this position are often regarded as less bold, yet if they know how to move right even when not on top they can definitely enjoy it.

Cowgirl position
this position, when the woman sits on the man with her back to his face, is typical for women who seek creativity in bed. It will suit women who like to take control, and can enjoy a somewhat challenging yet very interesting and cool position. 

Standing up 
A woman who likes to have sex standing up is a woman who needs excitement in her life. She is not afraid of changes, and passion is critical for her in sex. This position allows equal control for the man and the woman during the act. 

It is true that 69 was a hit at '69, yet some people still have fun with it big time! Women who like this position are bold women who appreciate their partner, and assume their partner thinks the same about them. They are confident women who like diversification and challenges in bed and in life. 

Not familiar with some of these positions? You're missing out! Research and experiment new positions today!