Mom’s Viral Post Ends The Nightmare That Is attached to Shopping For Clothes

Kristen Hensley of #IMomSoHard pens a very thoughtful post about shopping for dresses.

For a lot of women, trying on wears is a complete nightmare. An inexplicable thing happens in the dressing room such that a grown woman suddenly becomes a crybaby.  You are not in this alone. A woman from one of our beloved child-rearing Facebook pages is analyzing why shopping is overrated.

Kristen Hensley, half of the comedy duo behind IMomSoHard, uploaded a picture of herself on Facebook in pants, though she went clothes shopping. “Shopping sucks. I had to try on several dresses today and none fit. This is the worst feeling ever!” she wrote.

It is utterly the worst. You could be feeling on top of the world before going in,  You step into the dressing room and you feel like shit. Nothing kills self-esteem like shopping. P.S:  those fluorescent lights do not help matters.



“I’m not huge. I’m not small. I’m a size 10 (an 8 at The Gap) and most of it can be located in my belly. I have kids. ” she pens. This is my life: It makes no sense that I’m a size 16 at Target, but a “small” in Michael Kors. Why do we have different sizes at different stores?  Why can’t the sellers and creators meet up to create a worldwide size chart?

There is also the problem of the middle. That fun pooch that surfaces after giving birth never disappears no matter how much you work out.

“I run, I hike, and I lift weights and I’m tough. Yet, these dresses make me feel vulnerable, confused, and dumb. To be honest, I am kind off,” she says.

Darling, let us break it down. There are no side bends and sit-ups to make that middle cease to exist. It is stuck like an adhesive. Except you, are a superstar and have your own trainer or fitness is your only job. Sadly, for most mammas, it’s not.

"Just put this on. It will make things a whole lot easier." #wannabet #smoothoperator #notsmooth #lumpy #spanx #crescentrolls #freeform #reallife #mombod #noshame #wine #morewine

As you can envisage, Hensley got a standing ovation and solidarity in the comments section from other moms. Many of whom expressed their own tussles with finding outfits that fit.



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This isn’t the first time the IMomSoHard ladies have attacked the terrible clothing choices for women. They amusingly talked about the agony and torment that is wearing Spanx. You know, those things you plainly have to shove heaps of flesh into that make you feel like you cannot respire? They also made us pee when they flawlessly exemplified why bathing suits are a complete disappointment.

 These women are devoted to revealing the truth. Keeping it real on all things womenfolk and motherhood. They complain about certain illogicalities in our lives, but at the end of the day, they always show us what really counts.

Hensley expounds that as terrible as the whole let’s try this cloth on experience can be, it’s pointless in comparison to what’s at home or what she already owns.

She pens, “So, I arrived home, stirred at images of my kids, sniffed the chicken I was cooking on the stove, and poured a glass of wine.  In the end, it is just an outfit. And I always appeared better in pants anyway.”



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