Wearing Lenses? Unbelievable incident awaiting around the corner if you overlook simple eye care principles

A British ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria was performing a routine cataract operation, when she was forced to hold the procedure due to a strange foreign body that she discovered in the patient eye. After she had successfully removed the object, she described it as a “bluish hard mass”. Following a short inspection, the doctor recognized this was a stack of 17 contact lenses. Several surgeons were summoned to the OP-theater and to their mutual amazement they have discovered a stack of another 10 lenses hiding at the surface of the patient eye. The frightened patient could not believe that the contact lenses she was wearing during 35 years were hidden under her top and bottom lids without her ever noticing them. She was apparently inserting new lenses every month without making sure the old ones were safely out, being convinced that the evanesced lenses have just fallen out. Who could ever imagine that the space between the eye and the lid is capable of encompassing a bunch of lenses for years without causing quite a lot of irritation to the sensitive eye tissues? However after the lenses were removed the patient felt a great relief and admitted that she has referred the previous discomfort to problems of age and dry eye. 

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The doctors at the hospital decided to bring this rare incident to public notice through mass media, since they believed this to be a spectacular example of the importance of simple eye care procedure, especially for people who wear contact lenses. Here are some of the basic simple rules you had better stick to, if you are wearing contact lenses: 

  •     Always make sure you have taken out the lenses after the period of time you were assigned by your doctor, at any rate never wear them for more than 16 hours and never go to bed before you have taken them out.
  •     Make sure your hands are clean and dry before you put on your lenses
  •     All eye make-up is fine only after the contact lenses are safely fit in the eye; never wear the contact lenses after you have applied any eye make-up 
  •     If you want to go swimming, take out the contact lenses
  •     The cleanness of your contact lens case is critical, make sure to close it properly and replace regularly 
  •     Do not hesitate to consult your optometrist if you have any sensation of a discomfort in your eye and even if all is well do not miss your regular check-ups