The Weeknd Broke Up With Selena Gomez Because Of This Reason… And ‎We’re Not Surprised ‎

Selena Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber may have played a bigger role in Selena and The Weeknd’s break up than we first thought.

Three years after their break up, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are giving their romance another chance. Sources close to the couple confirm the pop stars are officially dating again after her split from The Weeknd.




At first, The Weeknd claimed he ‘didn’t care’, but new information has come to light which suggests he ‘didn’t trust’ Justin’s motives for getting close to Selena again.

The couple rekindled their friendship and starting spending more time together after Selena underwent a kidney transplant earlier this year.



The Weeknd and Selena were together for ten months, though it is reported that Selena was never fully over Justin, which is why she is ready to give them a second chance.

In 2015 Justin Bieber told Access Hollywood that Selena was his “first real love.” And a source close to Selena says ‘Justin is her soul mate. He always had her heart and her attention.’ During Selena and Justin’s time apart, Justin has been linked to Sofia Richie, Paola Paulin, Hailey Baldwin and Kourtney Kardashian, among others.




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