14 Deadly Terror Attacks You Already Forgot Happened In 2017

In 2017 alone there have been 1,061 terror attacks and 6,734 fatalities worldwide. This year, we’ve been seeing a series of attacks across the West that have been carried about by lone wolfs with few resources, little to no training, and barely any planning.

The attack in New York City last month is a classic case of lone wolf terrorism. A 29-year-old man rented a truck and drove it into a crowded bike path, killing eight people, and fleeing the scene with pellet and paintball guns in hands.

Vehicle-ramming attacks has become an easy tactic for many lone wolf terrorist and has the potential to cause significant casualties. Many of these attacks occurred in places like the United States and Europe. However, larger scale, planned attacks occur more frequently in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Egypt. Many factors contribute into why we pay these horrific attacks little attention. Maybe its because we’re busy looking at President Donald Trumps twitter account, or our media gives minimal coverage. Whatever our reasons might be, many of us are quite oblivious to the suffering going on around the world.

The following 14 huge terror attacks in 2017, which people may have never heard of, can be used as a reminder that although there is always a threat about a potential attack, in other countries it has become a daily norm.


1. Sadr City, Baghdad – January 2, 2017

The people of Baghdad brought in the New Year with a tragic suicide bombing in Sadr City, Baghdad. ISIS claimed responsibility over the attack, which killed 56 people and injured more than 120.



2. Gao, Mali – January 18, 2017

A suicide bomber, linked to Al Qaeda, in a vehicle full of explosives set off the attack in a camp in Northern Mali, killing 77 people and wounding soldiers and civilians. This is the deadliest attack in Malian history.



3. Mosul, Iraq – February 8, 2017

ISIS executed over 300 police and army personnel, as well as civil activists by a firing squad in Mosul, Iraq. Reports state that many of the victims were tortured before their untimely deaths.



4. Sehwan, Pakistan – February 16, 2017

A suicide bombing took place inside the Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan, Pakistan. 90 people were killed, including women and children, and hundreds were injured. The Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Shrine is one of the country’s oldest and most respected shrines.



5. Kabul, Afghanistan – March 8, 2017

The Sardar Daud Khan Military Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan was attacked by a group of ISIS terrorists dressed as doctors in lab coats. The attack lasted seven hours and killed over 100 people.



6. Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt – April 9, 2017

ISIS claimed responsibility after two bombs blasted through Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday. St George’s Church goers in Tanta were attacked by a lone wolf terrorist who ran towards the alter in the church and detonated an explosive belt, killing 27 and injuring over 78 people. Another attack immediately followed in St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria, killing 17 people and injuring 48.



7. Aleppo, Syria – April 15, 2017

A car detonated near a line of buses in Aleppo, Syria. The buses were preparing to carry civilian evacuees from the besieged government controlled towns of al-Fu’ah and Kafriya and were being guarded by rebel fighters. The attack killed over 126 people, 80 of which were children.



8. Camp Shaheen, Afghanistan – April 21, 2017

At least ten Taliban fighters attacked Camp Shaheen, Afghanistan by dressing in army uniforms and driving two military vehicles into the camp. Two of the ten attackers detonated suicide vests. 256 people reportedly died and 160 injured as what was described as a ‘revenge attack’ for the killings of two Taliban officials.



9. Hama, Syria – May 18, 2017

Multiple Syrian villages were attacked by ISIS militants where they barbarically beheaded and dismembered dozens of people, killing 52 people. These villages were targeted because the residents belong to the Ismaili branch of Shai Islam.



10. Brak El-Shati, Libya – May 20, 2017

140 people, including civilians, died in an attack on an airbase in Libya when a government-allied militia tried to take over the Brak al-Shati base on May 20, 2017. Prime Minister Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj’s office denied ordering the attack.



11. Kabul, Afghanistan – May 31, 2017

On May 31 at 8:25 am, 1,500 kg of explosives were detonated in a truck in a crowded intersection in Kabul, Afghanistan. The attack happened during rush hour near the German Embassy. The truck bomb killed over 150 people and was so powerful, it created a crater 3 meters deep in the ground. No terrorist group has claimed this attack.



12. Hasakah, Syria – May 2, 2017

ISIS fighters attacked Syrian refugees on the night of May 2nd. Syrian refugees were seeking asylum before five suicide bombers detonated bombs, which followed US-backed Kurdish fighters to fight back. At least 37 refugees were killed and more than 100 badly injured.



13. Kabul, Afghanistan – June 3, 2017

On June 3rd, three bombings were carried out in Kubul, Afghanistan. Deputy of head of Senate Salim Ezadyar’s son was killed, and on the day of his funeral three consecutive explosions took place, killing 20 and wounding 87.



14. Pakistan – June 23, 2017

On June 23rd a series of terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS took place in Pakistan. These attacks resulted in 96 deaths and over 200 injured. They included a suicide bombing in Quetta, two bombs at a market in Parachinar, and the targeted killing of four policemen in Karachi.




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