The zodiac sign pairs most toxic to each other

Astrology can teach us a lot about the better romantic matches for us, who we can enjoy a relationship with and when we might get hurt. Obviously people of certain zodiac signs can enjoy a relationship even if they are very much different in their character, yet some combinations might be so poisonous that they will make each other really miserable. 





Chemistry between Leo and Cancer may be fantastic, yet in many cases it will not hold water when it comes to dealing with the everyday situations of life. In most cases they don't see eye to eye about many things and their very different characteristics may cause some serious fights. Cancer's self confidence is much less apparent than the Leo's. This extreme difference may lead to an unpleasant dependency situation, where one will feels inferior and in the shadow of the other. On the other hand, Cancer's highly emotional reactions may cause some serious drama situation that Leo will have hard time with. 





These two zodiac signs stand for determination and very strong character that is why they are so attracted to each other.  That is also why they break up once they can't deal with each other's stubbornness. While Capricorn brings the emotional aspect of this, Aquarius turns to the practical side. Fights between these two are characterized by either laud screaming or quite attempts to sweep everything under the carpet - anything just not to have to deal with the differences of attitude. 





These two zodiac signs actually have a similar approach to the emotional aspects of the relationship. They will both love and admire their spouse with all their heart, yet they will want to maintain their individuality and not feel controlled by the other party. The conflict between their constant will to be together and their wish to maintain independence will bring them to a state of frustration and exhaustion from the relationship, and they will drift apart without even understanding why. 

 It is true that in some cases the relationship seems doomed from the beginning, but if you are already in a loving relationship try to make the best of it. However, it is important to remember that that some relations simply can't last and it's a waste to fight it over and over again. If there is not match just part as friends and move forward to a relationship where you will not have that many fights.