Mum Stung by tick Mandated to wear nappies, loses her Job, and lover over a condition that 'might not exist'

Veronika Valentova says she has been pressed by her unfortunate condition to abandon work, leave her lover and suffer weeks of unbearable painful symptoms of a bug bite

A mother who has been mandated to put on nappies because of a medical condition that "does not exist" says her relationship with her partner ended, lost her job since the illness took over.

Veronika Valentova, 35, became sick after a tick stung while on holiday in the Czech Republic in 2016.

She was always tired and in pain, Veronika concludes she is experiencing chronic Lyme disease.

According to her, she has been pressed to give up her means of livelihood as a nurse and nanny. The difficult of her illness caused her and her partner to break up, the Bristol Post reports.



But the condition stirs controversy because many experts do not think her condition even exists.

"It’s altered my life completely," she said. "You can't imagine how frustrating it is.  They cannot find any probable cause for how I feel. They think I am depressed.

"They say it is all in my head that the thought makes you feel on unwell. You do not seem capable of looking after yourself.

"How do intend to carter for your kids?”

Miss Valentova, who resides in Henbury, Bristol, thinks she is suffering from chronic Lyme disease, which is the tag given to the condition where symptoms of Lyme disease manifests without a confirmation of Lyme disease infection.

She warns other parents about tick stings after daughter becomes ill. Currently, she's unable to walk.

But the NHS Choices website reads: “This tag has been used by some individuals to explain nagging symptoms such as tiredness, aches, and pains, usually when the Lyme disease infection is not confirmed.

“It's paramount to be aware that accurately diagnosing chronic Lyme disease is controversial.

"Medical experts do not meet eye to eye on whether the condition really exists, or maybe the symptoms are caused by unknown illness.

“Whichever, there's no proof to suggest individuals diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease can transfer the illness to others, and there is little or no evidence of treatment procedure.

Despite the doubt surrounding her condition, Miss Valentova says she is weak, in pain always and that makes her weep, her hands and feet her sensitive, she wears a diaper,  suffers from diarrhea, dizziness and blurred sight and has short-term memory loss.

Her condition has also destabilized her home, life caused to break up with her partner. Her six-year-old son Michael is vexed because his mum cannot play with him anymore. Her problem is further compounded because her one-year-old daughter Isabella may have health problems.

“This illness ended her personal career life."

“I also desire to raise awareness about this terrible illness so other people can get diagnosed in time and get quality treatment before it becomes too late."

She says she is about £6,000 in debt from costs of travel and private treatment for the condition.

Now, the antibiotics she has been taking are not effective anymore, so she is fundraising the £10,000 required for intravenous treatment which she believes will help.

If she meets her target, Veronika has promised to raise money for charity Lyme Disease Action.

Visit Justgiving to donate to her fundraising page.

What is Lyme disease and how can you get infected?

Humans can be infected by Lyme disease from being stung by a tick that carries the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi.

Ticks are located in any environs with deep or overgrown vegetation.

Early symptoms include a round rash at the epicenter of the tick bite, as well as flu-like symptoms such as tiredness, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, headaches and high temperature.

Later symptoms include pain and swelling of the joints, issues with the nervous system, cardiovascular problems, and swelling of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord.



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