Not quite Jonah and a Whale –and yet a Living Spider Weaving a Web in a Woman’s Ear

The UK Daily Mail reports a horrifying story about Indian woman, identified as Lekshmi L, who suffered unbearable headaches that started right after she woke up on a veranda at her house. Additionally, she suffered from an irritating sensation in her ear, but could do nothing to get rid of it. Lekshmi was terrified as she could feel movement of a creature inside her ear. The acute earache followed by sharp pains caused her to shiver and panic. She could not think rationally and started imagining the worst. When Lekshmi with her husband made it to Columbia Hospital in India, the doctor examined her and confirmed presence of a spider in her ear. Luckily, the doctor succeeded to cause the spider flee by shedding a direct light onto it. 

spider2.jpg©Newslions Media Network/Youtube
The experience of being a host to a living creature is both disgusting and frightening, however spiders are not parasites that can stay in the human body for a long time, therefore this incident is different from cases when a variety of parasitic worms take up residence in humans. Spiders do not invade our system as classic parasites, so there is no treatment for this condition and doctors have to improvise solutions that are not always as successful as with Ms. Lekshmi from India. Unexpected as it is, there was another incident of a spider that crawled into a woman’s ear, causing much stress and pain to 38-year-old Angela Colborn who lives in Wallington, south London. When Angela realized that the problem with her ear was not just inflammation she turned to a hospital and begged doctors to flush out the spider – however only its legs came lose and fell out. The doctors tried to “drawn” the “cunning” creature, getting some oil and syringing it slowly into the patient ear, leaving it in there for 15 minutes, afterwards pumping water into the ear using a little tube. However, the spider was not affected, remaining hidden somewhere inside the ear canal. The doctor refused to use forceps, as he was afraid to damage Angela’s eardrum, so there was no other choice, but to go home with the spider inside and just wait for it to get out. To Angela words, she believes the spider has fallen out eventually, although it left the ear unnoticed, in the same manner as it got there in the first place. 

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