Worst Date Ever with a Happy Ending

We often hear about tragedies that develop on a ground of a romantic scenario. Young and not so young people date each other without really having a clue about the person they are meeting, and sometimes they risk getting themselves into unpleasant and even dangerous situations.


 A Reddit user has decided to gather people real experiences and asked other Redditors to provide him stories about the super “assholes” they have met when facing various dating situations. The post was flooded with creepy comments and stories, however one of them is worth a second thought and a public notice. This story actually takes us to a classic narrative of an innocent girl, being assaulted and bullied by a “bad guy” and then rescued by a “prince on a white horse”. This “sensation” is brought to our attention from the perspective of a bystander who tried to get involved into the revolting situation, seeing a man outpouring threats and curses on a girl sitting next to him in a diner. However, he was stopped by a more experienced rescuer, who turned out to be a police officer and soon enough the situation was reversed. The one who felt threatened and diminished was the girl assaulter now. The police officer, who happen to be in the diner off-duty, celebrating his daughter birthday, forced the bully to render his identity, to pay the bill and leave the place, with no intentions whatsoever of contacting his date anytime in the future. The police officer proved to be a true gentleman, inviting the assaulted girl to join their celebration and then escorting her home. 


This “Cinderella” style story is apparently comforting, touching and encourages us to believe in the uprightness of the human nature, neglecting the hard-hitting question of how come violence against women becomes legitimate in certain social circumstances, is encouraged by the victims themselves and by the mute majority. The enthusiastic Redditor is not even trying to contemplate the reason why this girl went out with such a rude and violent man. Were not there any inklings of his character she could have discerned?  We do not have a slightest glimpse into her perception of what had happen and whether she has learnt her lesson to be more meticulous in the choice of her dates’ candidates and in providing herself with retreat and self-defense options in the future. 

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