What drives the zodiac signs crazy?

Sometimes we feel we could explode due to overload of tasks and pressure. However, in some cases it is not the routine stress that brings us to the edge, but rather a much deeper feature in our character, related to our zodiac sign. Let's see what makes us feel we just can't go on anymore, according to our zodiac sign.



Capricorn people must have a goal somewhere ahead of them, which they must achieve. They don't have time to deal with small issues; they need to see results in order to feel they have a meaning in their life. Each move they make is based on the assumption that there is order in the world, and they will do their best to follow the path they plan undisturbed. Therefore, the concept of failure is irrational to them, and unacceptable. Such a thing can definitely bring them to a fit. 



Aquarius people usually come across a little crazy on a regular basis, yet they are genuinely worried about life, jokes aside. They have to keep reminding themselves why they do the things they do the way they do in order to maintain a feeling of progress and meaning in life. Without this they will lose themselves. And you really wouldn't want to see that happening. 



Being so sensitive, practically anything can bring Pisces people to an emotional and mental shock. Pisces sympathize with their surrounding using they developed empathy abilities. Very often this might impose a huge mental load on them, as they have difficulties separating their own feelings from the emotional turbulence of the other. Such situations might lead them to exhausting inner chaos. 



Aries need action in life, they have hard time to deal with easy going routine. As a sign governed by the god of war they have a very short fuse and their temperament can catch fire in seconds. They will always prefer instant gratification over anything that requires patience, therefore if they encounter any obstacles on the fast way to quick pleasure they might break through walls to reach their goal. 



Taurus connects to the material things in life - status, money and prestige. In addition they are stubborn and must feel secures, a feeling that is usually intensified when they have sufficient means to support the life style they strive to have. If they feel they lack anything it can drive them out of their minds to the level of paralyzing fear. 



Gemini is frantic to the level of anxiety. If they feel solitude or disconnection from their surrounding they get stressed and can feel a nervous breakdown. In case they are in a hectic environment and they can't find they place in the conversation it will drive them crazy and they will not be able to stand another minute in this situation. 



Cancer is tightly attached to the homes and families. They must know that the people around them love them and are there for them, otherwise they fragile emotional state might bring them to situations of fear and anxiety. The attribute highest priorities to establishing trust with the people around them and if they spot dishonesty they break away into themselves. Lying to them or hurting them might lead them to a dark depressed place. 



Leo may appear confident and content with their lives, yet this doesn't contradict their constant need to feel loved and appreciated at any given time. If Leo feels ignored or over criticized his behavior might be hysterical and unpleasant, demanding more and more immediate attention. 



Just like Obsessive Compulsive (OCD) people Virgo will want to always be in control on every detail, unable to let go. They can't stand chaos, and if they feel that there is no logic leading the course of life they can go crazy. 



Libra likes balance, beauty and peace, and they will not fight for things even if they would really like to have it. They will always prefer to take a step back from confrontations in cases where they feel lack of balance. If the situation will be impossible to fix and they will not find the way out of a problem they will dive into despair and will not know how to deal with it.



Despite their threatening passionate nature, Scorpio actually know well how to stay in control. They don't break easily or fold away to fast, unless they feel someone is penetrating to deep into their soul. In case they feel too exposed they might get stressed and the results might be frightening...



Sagittarius was blessed with an easygoing nature, such that can deal with anything without effort. Yet, they will go wild if board. They just can't stay in a static, non interesting state - they reach a point of no return and boil. They will even sacrifice their sanity for a new adventure that will break them out of a standing still situation.  


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