Are you smart enough to answer this riddle? To solve this murder case?

Brisko is a young detective handling one of his first murder cases, involving 5 people that knew each other before the incident. One of those 5 people was found dead, shot by an armed weapon. Brisko was dumfounded to find out that neither names, not the killer’s name and not the victim’s name were known in the time of the police report but both names were mentioned in the files. With those details missing, Brisko managed to get their names right and find the identities of the victim and killer just by noticing a few important details. 

Can you outsmart Brisko?


John is an amateur tennis player. A day after the murder him and another friend that had nothing to do with the murder, played against each other.




Jack moved to the town a year before the murder. He was born and raised in a small island where all the people in the town practice fishing. He always dreamt of owning his own fishing boat.




Steve is model that is in love with himself and a week before the murder happened he decided to model for Bill a life-size portrait of himself.




Bill is a famous portrait painter that should finish Steve’s portrait in the following week.




Alex is a marine biologist that researches underwater species and was in Antarctica since the murder has occurred, along with 20 other scientists. 



כמו כן, הבלש שם לב למספר נתונים חשובים:

א. שבוע לפני הרצח הרוצח שבר רגל.

ב. סטיב ואלכס הכירו ביניהם בערך חצי שנה לפני הרצח.

ג. אלכס והרוצח מכירים מגיל צעיר – הם גרו בבניינים שכנים בעיר הגדולה.

אחרי חשיבה ארוכה ומאומצת הבלש סמית' הצליח לגלות את שמות הרוצח והקורבן.



Brisk, with his detective wisdom, noticed those few important details:
1.    The killer broke his leg a week before the murder.
2.    Steve and Alex met about 6 months prior to the murder.
3.    Alex and the killer knows each other from a young age – they were neighbors in the town.

After thinking long and hard, Detective Brisko managed to get both names right – the victim and the killer.
Can you?
Now let’s see how the detective got to his conclusion and solved the case:
1.    John played tennis on the day after the murder so he couldn’t possibly be the murderer, it’s impossible to play tennis with a broken leg and we know his leg was still broken cause a broken leg couldn’t heal within a week!
2.    Alex could not be the killer because he was a neighbor of the murder since a young age.
3.    Steve can’t be blamed because he met Alex in the last 6 months and the killer knows Alex since childhood.

Did you figure it out yet?

The killer could be either Jack or Bill and we can determine it’s not Jack because he did not know the killer since childhood, he lived on the island as a kid. Bill is the only one left and we know he’s alive because he’s trying to finish steve’s portrait. It means…he’s the killer!

So who is the victim?
Detective Brisko knows Alex is at Antarctica, John played Tennis and Steve he’s alive because Bill, the killer, is still working on his portrait.
So as determine Brisko determined…Bill killed Jack! 


Did you solve it yourself? You might wish to consider your day job and turning into an investigative career.